Gummy grins

 One of the best things about having a baby is getting to experience life again fresh through their eyes. Watching Hurley try food for the first time was absolutely amazing! He had been watching me for months, sitting in my lap while I ate, reaching for the food every time I took bite to my mouth. He was ready. I was waiting for his teeth to start to show (which indicates his digestive system is ready) before I started giving him food. So around the 6 month mark- his first tooth appeared! It didn't appear without some sleepless nights, crying, and fever. My sweet angel. My heart broke watching him struggle. I'll never forget the first time I handed him a red pepper I was eating at dinner that night. He took it and stuck it right into his mouth so confidently. He sucked on it, like he would use his tongue while nursing. I could tell he could taste the red pepper but was confused why it didn't disappear like I had been able to do with my food. As time went on, I fed him avocado, which he made the funniest face when tasting it for the first time. Next I fed him banana and then carrots. 

It's so cute looking at his "one tooth" grin now. It's the first time, I realized he is really growing away from his baby stage fast. I'll miss his gummy baby grins.