My heart

Nursery + Family Photos by Erin Jean Photography

Where do I begin? It's been just over 6 months since my life was changed by the birth of our son, Hurley. It almost feels too precious to use the English Language to describe it all. In short, it's truly been as magical as I thought it might be, but more. The only way I can describe motherhood is that I've been transplanted on another planet with an angel who cannot communicate, but whose love is divine. This angel loves me so purely, that typing this brings tears to my eyes. When he looks at me, the world around me fades away. It's glorious. and it's hard. Maybe it's hard because so many days there are so many unknowns? I have learned to reach deep into my soul and to trust my instincts in every decision I make. I have learned to see past the "hard", that these days cannot and should not be quantified as anything but fleeting. I can never have them back. There are days where it feels he grows inches by the day, by the moment. And I hang onto each moment. My soul has never known a love like this. I've never lived, I mean truly truly lived until my arms held him. He's my world and it feels like my heart is crawling around outside of my body.