Hurley 6 Months: melt in my arms

Contax 645 | Portra 400 

 My love you are 6 months old in these photos. SIX! I love love love every single finger, toe, and roll on your body. This was a big month for "firsts" for you! You started to sit up unassisted,  roll over, and rock on your knees this month. I'll never forget the first time I saw you rocking on your knees in your playpen! I jumped out of my chair and put my video on my phone on you as fast as I could. I have been watching you try to do this for weeks now. At first you couldn't quite engage those knees to get the legs to move you forward, so you used your head and two hands to get around when you needed to. Most of the time, you'd wind up moving backward. So you started rolling to get where you wanted. To get to mom, dad, or to get to a toy you wanted that you saw. 

You also cut your first tooth this month, starting eating foods, and my favorite... you loved to stick out your tongue! You loved reaching for our food for the last few months, but your favorite is when I sing to you at night. We sing "3 little birds" by Bob Marley and you melt in my arms. It's my favorite feeling when you melt in my arms right before you close your eyes to dream for the night. I never want to forget the feeling. I never want you to grow out of fitting in my arms either.