6:10 pm

Where do I begin to tell this story. A story that begins with two people who've adored each other for a decade, and concludes with a snow storm, and the birth of our son. 

It all started on Monday, the day after our due date. We were anxious to get this labor going (as any new mother and father would be) and alas, Hurley was just not ready. But cue Monday, I had eaten a whole pineapple that morning and we had spent the entire weekend trying every "natural" remedy I could find to try to naturally induce labor. My husband came home from work that night and we went straight to the YMCA so I could walk laps in the warm pool. It was mid-March here in Wisconsin and not only would the weather not allow for any more leisurely walks outside, my largest winter coat no longer would zip over my belly. So to the pool we went. It felt as though the entire pool stopped and stared as I waddled my way in my yellow striped suit to the edge of the pool. We went to eat Mexican food after exercising and it was just as we concluded dinner that I started to feel contractions. The moment I felt them, I had never been more excited in my life! I thought, finally the moment had come! We are going to meet our babe....soon. We rushed home.

That night I started contractions that were approximately 10+ minutes apart, nowhere near the 4-5 minute mark that typically signifies active labor, and were inconsistent. I was in early labor. This early labor went on for a few days, which felt like eternity. I remember asking myself- can I really do this. A really sweet memory I will always treasure is that my cat was with me the whole time during my early labor, no matter how loud I got working through the pain. She slept on me, next to me, or under me. She was wide-eyed and understanding in the most primal way. Being a really shy animal, it was really sweet to experience these moments with her.

Then that Thursday, the contractions started to appear closer together and they started to come on strong. I quickly ate a snack because I had no idea when the next time would be that I would be able to eat and we called our Doula. 

I'll never forget sitting in the bathroom breathing through a contraction with my husband while we waited for our doula to arrive.   I looked into his eyes and saw an excitement that was mirrored in my own heart. We were starting the journey to meet our baby. and the best part of it was that my love was with me every single step of the way. Supporting me, touching me, watching me, wishing he could take the pain away and bear it himself. He was my rock, the source of all my strength throughout our birth. 

28 hours later, complete with a drive through a snowstorm to get to the hospital, we gave birth to our beautiful baby Hurley. Those 28 hours were exhausting, exciting, and full of scary moments. I realized how beautifully unpredictable birth actually is. 

And the best moment of it all was seeing my baby for the first time.   When I heard his first cry and they laid him on my chest, tears of joy just flooded out of my eyes. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. The exact moment in time I became a mother. 6:10 pm