Sleepy Beach town of Algoma

Sleepy beach towns are my favorite! This happens to be one of my favorite spots on the peninsula- besides our home bay of Riley's Bay of course. The difference is that Riley's Bay (the large body of water in front of our home which opens up to Green Bay) does not always have waves- at least not like this! So once a week during the spring/summer/fall months I take myself directly across the peninsula and treat myself to some wave action! I adore the coastline of Algoma. I mean adore it. The colors of the water, the sky, the horizon- these are the closest I can get to my beloved ocean. Many people don't know this, but The Great Lakes are very large bodies of water. So large in fact that you can surf on them, you actually can't see the coast on the other side, and if you didn't know better, you'd swear these were a salty coastline somewhere in the Caribbean. 

These images were shot on a Pentax 6x7 using Portra 400. I love the colors Portra renders and I feel this is my favorite film stock for when I'm shooting in less than bright light such as the midwest. I've found Fuji film is much better suited for super bright light! Anyway, I shot these during our warm fall we were having last year. The leaves were just starting to change and those beloved fall waves were sliding in. I was about 5 months pregnant with our first child (currently almost 10 months pregnant as I write this) so doning a wetsuit and hoping on a board was not in the cards for me last fall. 

Algoma is one of the most beautiful beaches here on the Peninsula. Although technically not "Door County", if you are ever visiting northeast Wisconsin, you'd be hard pressed to find another beach as beautiful as this unless you traveled two hours north and hopped on a car ferry to Washington Island. These photos are just a few reasons why I adore calling the edge of the Great Lakes, aka the fresh coast home!