Thirty Weeks of Magic

Photo taken by Janelle Elaine Photography

I'm here. I made it. The third trimester. I'm 30 weeks today. Wow it's exciting to be entering into the home stretch. It means that during this stage, even if I go into labor early, the baby is strong enough to survive outside the womb. I've treasured this pregnancy so much for multiple reasons. First, I'm thankful we were able to get pregnant at all. Many women are unable and I haven't taken a single second for granted that I've had this little love in my womb. Second, we decided only a few months prior (to finding out we were pregnant) that we'd like to start trying- and we got pregnant so quick! I'm thankful it didn't take us a year or more because my goodness, I'm addicted. I want more than one and I need time to grow them all! And lastly, carrying this life inside of me has been the most magical experience of my entire existence. Truth be told, when it's all over, I will miss being pregnant. I will miss it with all my heart.