Coastal Living, Door County, Wisconsin

Artwork, driftwood mobiles, and handcrafted soap from The Pelican Gallery | Muslin Swaddles from Spearmint Love | Map: Sewed/ Hand-painted by my Mother | Whale Painting from United Thread | Books, Shell Collection, and Record Player: Vintage, purchased locally. 

Welcome to our home! As a firm believer in always "blooming where I am planted", while we are in the midst of preparing to welcome our first baby into the world ANNNND building a new home here on the coast of Door County, Wisconsin- I decided to take a few photos of our current home we are in now! Honestly, these photos first started as a way to capture the nursery as I was decorating it (which I can't WAIT to share more on this beautiful room later!), but then it turned into all those beautiful dusty corners of my house that I adore that I never want to forget when we move into our new home. I realized in taking these photos that taking time to stop and enjoy exactly where you are in life instead of always anticipating tomorrow or the next month or the next phase (or a due date!) is so so important. It's a mantra I watched my mother live by and I hope to teach my own children. Stop and enjoy exactly where you are (good or bad) right now! 

It's January here, exactly the second day of 2017, and I'm in my third trimester. 2016-17 was the first New Years that I didn't spend dancing for 8 hours in heels with champagne. Instead we enjoyed a pretty quiet night together celebrating one of my favorite holidays of the year! We went for a nice meal. I relished in the fact that we didn't need a baby sitter yet, that I could take my baby in my belly with me to a nice restaurant. It was so perfect. 

The baby is kicking so hard now it was a reminder all through dinner that we are now a family of three. We came home and my husband surprised me with fireworks over the frozen lake in front of our house! We set off three fireworks to celebrate each person in our family. We then cozied up in front of the fire with hot chocolate and successfully stayed awake until midnight, counted down the moments, and of course enjoyed our first kiss of 2017. There was some barefoot slow dancing to a record player involved. It was heaven. literally heaven.