Twenty Four Magical Waves


I'm going on year 3 living here in the midwest and I have to confess, I am still not use to the seasons. Must be the Florida in me but they seem to pass by SO fast! It literally feels like my life is passing by faster. Buut I think it may just be a sign that I'm getting older. 

I am so excited to share some film photos from a beautiful hike along the shore we did last month. One of my favorite spots here in Sturgeon Bay to tromp around on the shoreline. I love the grain in the waves in these photos. There's something about 35mm and photographing the shore that I love- it must be the light! 

I am about 24 weeks pregnant here in these photos, writing this at 28 weeks. Which means I've officially hit my third trimester! Something that I've absolutely adored during this pregnancy is feeling the baby kick! The baby is very active (although I have no other pregnancy to compare this one to). I treasure every single kick, every movement, every chance I get to hear the baby's heartbeat through my own skin. 

Being pregnant is an incredibly special time in my life. It's one of those experiences you never really will understand until you experience it yourself. The one word I would use to describe it is magical. It is completely and utterly magical. I've never felt more happy or more alive in my life. 

I once knew a woman whom I worked with who was one of the most lovely people I had the opportunity to know. She told me once that starting from the moment you have children, including the moments the children are growing up before your eyes- that is the best time in your life. Her words held so much weight to me, I'll never forget when she spoke them. 

Needless to say, big changes ahead for me this year 2017! Changes that will forever alter my identity. I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to carry life inside of me.