Airstream Travel Diaries, Devil's Lake

 Shot on Canon EOS | 35mm Portra 400 | Photovision

This was a great trip. Interestingly enough, we had such a different idea of how our fall would play out for 2016. It wasn't until we found out we were expecting a little one in July that it all changed. I found myself scrambling a lot this year, not in any type of bad way, just in a way that was out of my comfort zone. However, traveling always has the most magical way of putting me back in my comfort zone. When I'm moving (literally), life just seems simpler. I can unplug, unwind, and just drink in the air around me. It's when I'm traveling that I feel I'm at my best and definitely when I'm most inspired. For those of you who've been following me for a while here on this blog, you know that when I travel, I shoot film exclusively. Shooting film helps me to unplug and forces me to really study a shot before taking it. This year, 2016, I've increased my load and now travel with my sketch book religiously! My favorite mediums to sketch in are oil pastels and charcoal. There is nothing like sketching outside in the morning with a hot cup of coffee next to me or right on the coast mid-bike ride. 

This year we were so fortunate to be able to travel to: The Florida Keys, Colombia, Paris, Iceland, and Sand Key Beach, Florida. Four (count them!) four art collections were born out of these trips. You can see my original art from my Florida travels entitled: SALT, Colombia travel series, my Paris artwork here, and of course my Iceland travel series too!