Washington Island Baby Moon

Shot on 35mm Portra 400

Our Baby Moon trip to Washington Island was nothing short of magical! We originally planned this trip to Florida- to tell friends and family we were expecting in person and to soak up some sunshine! When the ZIKA outbreak (in combination with my recent scare) hit the state, we decided it was best to stay away and look for an alternative trip to celebrate our big news together! So we chose to travel a little north here, on the Peninsula, we took a car ferry along with our 1960 Airstream and beach cruisers to Washington Island, and camped there all weekend long! We took a day trip to Rock Island which is a really beautiful island where they do not allow cars or bicycles, only foot traffic. The sun was out that day, and oh how the water was crystal clear! It was those colors of the Caribbean that I craved. 

We spent the weekend just enjoying each others company, reveling in our days we have left just the two of us, giddy with excitement about the adventure that lies ahead. And we're excited to say the least!