This is what nine years of love looks like. nine. my heart is full and my mind is blown how fast time can fly. One of my favorite things in life is a beautiful photo- especially when it is with the person I love the most in this world. I love the way he grabs for my hand without even looking down. When you take time to look at them, one single candid photo can show you so much. It's quite amazing actually. I mean honestly one of the reasons I am so deeply passionate about photography. The sheer honesty in it. 

These nine years have not been without their tears, ups, downs. Leading us both to the conclusion that marriage is hard. You have to be oh so careful what people you surround yourself with as individuals and as a family unit. Our mutual friends, many of whom we've had since we first met each other, have been a major source of strength that we draw from as a couple. Proof that your environment and your choices play a major role in your happiness. 

And I'll never forget falling in love with that smile 9 years ago. Not to mention I get to wake up to it every morning! It's crazy to think we will be entering the first month of our tenth year with our babe. The excitement for this next stage of our life is unlike any I've ever felt before. And the love I feel for this man- it grows by the second. 

Thank you to Janelle Elaine Photography for capturing such a beautiful candid photo at such a special time in our lives.