Neutral lines

Ahh fall. The season of the year that's always been the most confusing for me having moved from Florida only a handful of years ago. This is the year, however, that I've officially come to appreciate it! The season of cuddling around the fire, watching the leaves fall from the trees, and the waves pick up along the shore. My gosh it's a beautiful season. Right before the leaves started to turn a rainbow of yellow, orange, and red, the rain started and things started to brown as the days shortened. It was when I was on a walk one morning that I fell deeply in love with all the caramel, chestnut, and cinder colors that filled my world. I decided to collect a few of my favorite things and do a color study. These photos are the result. This color study also spurred me to finally get started on my new art collection called "Tide". I can't wait to share more on that here soon. I hope you are enjoying this season of your life no matter where in the world you might live!