My Moon

Sharing some of my favorite photos ever with you today here. We took these photos with the talented Eric, from Carbon Copy Studios last year as part of our anniversary photos! Ah and I really haven't had a chance to share them until now. Just a short time ago, we lived in this beautiful little tiny 750 square foot home. This is the first home we've owned together. Bittersweet to report that it's torn down now.  One of the reasons these photos will always remain such a treasure to us. Such lovely memories in that home. But the good news is that we should be in our new house by next summer! All of the construction going on with our new house right now, baby on the way, reminds me of our little home and how different life was just one year ago.  

I've been coming across a lot of imagery and metaphors lately on change and tides. Tides are defined as  a change in the sea due to the attraction of the moon and the sun. It's amazing that so much change can happen in such a short time. And that such beautiful change can be the result of a relationship between two planets- in our case two human beings. 

And I've fallen in love, deeply in love with my love in a way that I could never have imagined. We are about to enter one of the loveliest seasons of our entire life. A season of constant change that we will always treasure. I can't wait. 

This blog post dedicated to my rock, my moon, my man, my love. 

Photos by Carbon Copy Studios.