Late summer on the bay

Late summer is quickly becoming one of my favorite times of year in the midwest. Most likely because it's typically the hottest time of year and when the water is warmest! One of my favorite spots for sitting outside and watching the time just go by is the Cider House in Ellison Bay. We went here at least once a month this summer, just sat in the sunshine, and ordered bottles of cider. Cider in the summer- there is nothing better! All of the apples from this cider house are grown on Washington Island and processed in Ellison Bay (at the cider house). We stopped here on our way up to Washington Island for our baby moon. And they have this amazing Vanilla Cherry soda on tap in their tasting room. It's so good I die every time I take a sip! I have had several of these this summer and I wish they sold it by the bottle because I'd buy a whole case (and I am NOT a soda drinker). 

So that's that folks. If you are ever in Door County, stop here. You will not regret it. 

Shot on 35mm Portra 400 rated at 200. Scanned and developed by Photovision.