Surviving the first trimester

This is not another blogpost  about what you can eat, what you can't eat, what you shouldn't do while your pregnant, etc. The internet is literally full of do's and don'ts. As a first time mother, I found researching my diet and nutrition (along with everything else) crazy overwhelming in the beginning. I decided to put together a simple list of what worked for me in my first trimester. It's a list for all you first timers or soon to be, but it's also a reminder for me to look back on! 

  • Protein is your best friend. like your best friend. When I first starting noticing changes in my body with my pregnancy, I felt as though I couldn't eat enough protein. I could really feel it at the end of the day when I didn't get what I needed. I started eating hard boiled eggs every morning and quickly incorporated organic meat into all of my 3 square meals a day. To keep up with my body's demands for iron, I even starting eating beef again! During the first trimester, I craved vanilla/peanut butter/banana protein shakes! Many days these protein shakes gave me the extra boost I needed. They were also easier on my stomach as I suffered a little indigestion in the beginning. 
  • Tell your partner you're pregnant and someone you trust who can be a resource. Finding out you're pregnant can bring on a flood of mixed emotions for many. It's a mixture of being so excited your pregnant AND a sense of hopefulness that you will not miscarry. Post celebration with my husband, I had so many questions when I first learned I was pregnant. I mean so many. My hormones were crazy and my emotions would fluctuate sometimes very intensely making me feel less than normal and less than myself. I wanted a female who had been through this recently that I could share my news,  call or text with questions or reasurance, who would also (most importantly) keep it private without any hints on social media. This was a lifesaver for me. 
  • Stay active (no matter how sick or tired you feel). Take a 5 minute walk, go for a bike ride. Trust me, it will make a huge difference. 
  • Practice Yoga
  • DO NOT start eating for two. I received this piece of advice from an acquaintance pretty early on in my pregnancy. She told me do not believe what people say that "now you are eating for two", you're definitely not. With the average recommendation to increase your daily caloric intake by 300 calories during your pregnancy, you may find yourself doing more snacking than before. Eating for two will not only potentially cause you to gain more weight than you need, but gaining more weight than necessary can put you at higher risk during your pregnancy. 
  • Stay away from horror stories (both on the internet and by well-meaning family and friends). Another piece of advice from an amazing friend in my life I received right away is to avoid birth horror stories. Hearing horror birth stories, again even from the most well-meaning friends, will affect you. You will draw a lot of inner strength during your birth you never knew you had and you don't want any horror stories fresh in your mind preventing you from having the most calming experience possible during birth. So stop those stories before they start, and politely decline.  
  • It's ok to cry (your hormones will overwhelm you, you will feel extremely happy, and at times extremely alone). For me, my husband and my girlfriend (whom I told right away) were both my safe space when it came to this, and an extreme source of comfort for me. 
  • Go shopping for yourself! Go out and buy a couple outfits you can grow into. If you're like me in size (very petite), I outgrew most of my pants in the first 12 weeks. I bought a couple of dresses I knew I could grow into and wear well into the upcoming season. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing to wear when you are already struggling with all the changes! So plan ahead so you don't run into this. 

Overall, my first trimester was incredible. Nothing major to report. I have loved every single moment of my pregnancy. My husband has treated me like a queen, taking me in his arms and telling me I'm beautiful every single day. As with life, it always has it's twists and turns, you never know what is around the next corner, so I'm soaking up every moment of this magical experience like it' s the only pregnancy I may ever have. I can't believe how fast it's flying by. Sometimes I still pinch myself that I can't believe we're having a baby! I am crazy with excitement to meet our little one in March!