Five Weeks

 Over the weekend we announced to the world (it seems) that we're expecting! I am so excited to share the news here too! These photos were taken on our wedding anniversary (this past July 2016) when we were about 5 weeks along. We had just found out we were pregnant and as you can see from the photos, we could not contain our smiles! Our hearts and our souls were just beaming! Finding out that we were pregnant was like magic. I mean total magic. 

My husband was the one who knew I was pregnant before I did. It was a series of exactly two emotional meltdowns over trivial things and on the second cry, a lightbulb went off in his head. He immediately asked: Are you pregnant?! It was through tears in my eyes, mid-cry that I said, I'm not sure. And sure enough- he was right! One home pregnancy test, lots of dancing, more tears of joy, and a visit to the doctor for a blood test showed we were 5 weeks pregnant. 

Finding out we were pregnant, was a total blessing. We had a set a goal this year that we wanted to try to get pregnant. So many stories of friends unable to or miscarrying multiple times, we knew it could be and would be a journey no matter what life had in store for us. 

We cried tears of happiness and have been celebrating every single moment. I am so excited for this phase of our life together when there are three hearts between us. 

 Photos by Avenson Photography