Dreaming in sand and waves (cocoa/vero beach)

I dream in sand and waves. that's a fact. I've spent half my young life laying on these seashores. Vero Beach and Cocoa Beach that is. Smelling the salt, feeling the humid air, swimming for hours upon hours in the waves. Swimming in the ocean has always served as my therapy, excuse to skip class,  and literally just my favorite thing. in the world. You'll find blogs and brands dedicated to all things ocean. I live it, breath it, miss living near my beloved ocean. I never thought I'd live away from it. This year I've been determined to live in the here and now, embrace these beautiful wildflowers here in Wisconsin, the snow, the coziness of it all. The seasons. It's all amazing. but there's nothing like the ocean. If you are reading this, and you live near an ocean, never take it for granted. i mean never. you never know when life will take you on a journey away from it. Soak it in, every moment possible. if nothing else for me. 

Shot on Honeywell Pentax and Asahi Pentax 6x7 on Portra 400 circa January 2016