Best year of my life. is this one.

Speaking of years and lives (can I just pretend for a moment that I haven't blogged in almost over a month!) this year is shaping up to be one of the best ones. One of those that you want to never forget as long as you live. Well insert 2016 into that for me! I'm finally sharing some of my favorite film photos from our spring trip to Iceland this year. I always say that great photos are one of my favorite souvenirs- and they never prove me wrong. I absolutely love to sit and look at the light, the colors, the waves, the expressions, and remember exactly how I felt, how that moment felt. Funny do you see the first photo of the beautiful Icelandic horse? Oh my gosh I fell in love with this one. He was starved for attention SO bad. We pulled over from driving to say hello to him, just really quick because I could not ever get enough of these sweet horses. It seemed like they were everywhere! Anyway, he came running and I mean RUNNING up to us, leaning hard across the fence for us to pet him, and stomping when we walked away because he/she didn't want us to leave! Oh it was the sweetest moment. I took the photo right after I finished petting him, right after we decided to walk away. 

Ok so a quick update on all things life. Things are going so splendid with the launch of my gallery/studio (ThePelicanGallery)! Some exciting personal news is that we are currently in the process of building a new home. After years of shopping and just not liking homes other people have built (not to mention were overpriced and usually rundown) and not super happy with the neighborhoods where they were for sale, we decided to pick our own neighborhood and build the home we wanted! Well into our 30's, we're no spring chickens and have decided that we don't really have 10 years to move 3 places, nor do we want to do that. We knew we wanted a house so let's just build the one we want now and enjoy it. 

Needless to say we're excited and busy and EXCITED! Finally a home of our own. Walls we can call ours. No more renting. I'm already running through what photos I am going to print and frame and hang on the wall. our walls! I've dreamed of this for years. I have things waiting in boxes from like 2006 that I remember buying when I was in the Peace Corps thinking, "I'll put this in my home one day". That "day" is happening this year! wahoo! I'm so excited to be back on the blogging train and sharing more from my heart and my travels!