Mangrove Ride on Key Largo

I've written here about the Florida Keys many many times. I adore this set of islands, our friends who live there, and all the memories this stretch of land between Miami and 90 miles north of Havana holds for me and my sweetheart. It felt OH SO good to finally get some of my film scans back from our winter travels this year! Looking though these I remember how warm the sunshine is, how humid the air remains all year long, and how the smell of the ocean breeze perfumes the air. 

 Coming down off a lovely weekend spent with family at the lake, I am just enjoying a quiet morning. The baby geese have started to hatch and so many pelicans are flying over the gallery this week! I've been spending most of my time, painting the gallery getting it ready for the grand opening next month! I can hardly contain my excitement! If you haven't heard the news, I am opening a gallery next month on the peninsula we call home- Door County. You can read more about my journey here if you haven't already!

I am looking forward for what this season holds for me and extra excited for the potential of how hot it will get here on the peninsula this summer!