Islander Art Series

Today marks 10 days until my grand opening of my gallery- The Pelican Gallery! I think you can probably tell from the exclamation point that I'm over the moon excited for this opportunity. 

I joke on a consistent basis that I'm on my third career now. Having spent most of my 20s working as a biologist (marine and wildlife), having lived abroad for a few years (mostly on the continent of Africa), and obtained a nice shiny degree in Global Public Health, I concluded that decade of my life working as an Epidemiologist living on the beach in Florida. Now, a hop, skip, and a jump into my 30s, my life has changed drastically. 

At first I was disgruntled about it all. I was frustrated I wasn't using my degree I worked so hard for in a field I was extremely passionate about. Not to mention being introduced to living in snow was insanely challenging for me. It wasn't until we moved back to the US from Australia, including a quick stint working in a malnutrition clinic in Malawi, that I dove head first into working full-time as an artist. 

It's been quite an interesting journey the last 4 years. I have adored experimenting and working with so many mediums including film, glass, acrylic- to name a few! 

I have used my background working internationally in global health and my Florida heritage as my inspiration for my Island Series I am working on this year. I am excited to share these images here today of some of my favorite pieces. 

So the countdown is on. I'm excited. Stay tuned. 

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