Bloom Where You Are Planted

First off, Happy May 12! The day of my Mother's birth and a day I will celebrate until the end of my life! Happy Birthday Mom, I hope you are enjoying every moment of your day. I wish I could be there in person with you today! 

I woke up today thinking about my mother from the moment I opened my eyes. My heart was full of memories of her and I quietly celebrated thinking of each one that came to my mind. Although we live 2000 miles away from each other right now, one of my favorite memories that kept coming to my mind was something she said quite some time ago to me over the phone circa 2014. Having just moved from Florida where I grew up, I was struggling to cope with living in Wisconsin. During a phone conversation where I said, "Mom, you are so lucky to live where there is sunshine and hot weather all year round". She countered with "and you are so lucky to live in a place where tulips bloom! That is my dream to see fields of tulips blooming!". So promptly this morning coffee in hand (always I think I'm saying this) and scissors and gathering bag, I went out and cut flowers for my mother and used them as inspiration for a piece I painted today just for her! 

It's only in the last 5 years that I've become so desperate for my mother's love. Her and my father raised me to be a very independent strong woman who thinks for herself. At times, I think I probably have given her half a heart attack with the work I've chosen to do in Public Health and my obsessive need to globe trot around the world. Nevertheless, she has become my best friend. My very best friend. She is that beautiful human that I aspire to be in every way. I adore the way she lives her life, loves her husband (my dad), and her perspective. She's hands down always been my biggest cheerleader and I am the woman I am today because of her. Although we do live quite far from each other right now in our lives, I'm incredibly thankful for this time because it's brought us closer together in a way that we never would have experienced had I not moved out of Florida permanently. I cherish the friendship that we share so much! 

These flowers and this piece are dedicated to my mother on her birthday. I love you so much Mom. 
Love your daughter

Title: Becky
 Medium: Acrylic + Pastels on Paper.