Wildcrafted Beauty

 I feel like a factory the way I'm making things all the time here lately. It's like something huge has opened up for me in the last few weeks and my creativity is just soaring! Well, today is no exception. I wanted to share a little sneak peek of a body + hair care line I've been working on. The line will be released this summer 2016 and will include soap, body butter, and beach wave salt spray. Since moving up north from Florida, my skin has been desperate for moisture, and my hair missing the huge beautiful beach waves you get when living next to the ocean! 

Over the last few years, I've tried an insane amount of products before I started down the path creating my own recipes that are organic and contain key raw ingredients that I personally source. Today I am sharing my soap recipe with you! This is a very special recipe because my mother and I developed it together and spent two winters perfecting it- so you could say it's a family recipe for sure! 

These wildcrafted products stem from a desire to have that sun-drenched skin and wave washed, sandy beach hair effect without having spent time at the beach!

Organic (West African) Shea Butter
Almond Oil
Selina Naturally Organic Coconut Oil
Distilled Water
Luxury Oils: Argon Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Rose Oil, Jojoba Oil
Essential Oil: Washington Island Lavender (can be substituted)
Celtic Sea Salt (Optional)
Dried wildflowers (optional)

With my gallery opening coming up, I'll have a few samples there. Next month I'll have a couple small batches available for sale online in limited quantities. Stay tuned for more!