Iceland Travel Diaries

Fresh off the boat from Iceland and I could NOT wait to share some photos from our trip! And tons more videos on my Instagram feed, including one of me with Icelandic horses and WHALES! This trip has been a total dream come true. We hiked waterfalls, through brilliant green moss-covered lava fields, at the edge of mountain ranges with HUGE glaciers, got a peek at the northern lights, and set our eyes on the Blue Lagoon! 

 Not to mention we stayed in tons of cool hostels, even a Bed and Breakfast horse farm on the edge of the ocean! We met tons of amazing people while traveling and even had the opportunity to see humpback whales!
I am brimming with travel advice and cannot wait to share some tips from our trip on this amazing island. In the mean time, I am incredibly happy to be back home, packing all my film to send to the lab, and excited to post all my original art from my travels to Paris and Iceland in the Pelican Gallery Online shop this week! Stay tuuuuned!