On leaving it all behind….

Photo taken in Cartagena, Colombia

Typically, I have gotten away from sharing my phone photos while traveling. Although, when I first started this blog, that is exclusively what I shared. My Phone photos always show such a different side of my life. I would take a photo of my love still sleeping in the early morning while I made coffee or of my best friends dancing. There would be lots of shouting "don't share that photo!" Ha! I began to just preserve them. They were personal, beautiful, and felt (and still feel) like an extension of my heart. It's almost like my phone was my sketchbook when it came to photography. I used it to practice my composition, learn the light that fell on the tiny lens, and much like my sketchbook- I carry it everywhere. It looks exactly how you would expect a digital sketchbook of this sorts to look. It lays in a cracked turquoise case just begging to be used. On a typical day it's covered in sunscreen and always has headphones plugged into it. I use it to tune my ukulele, practice my Spanish, and share my travel photos. There are days where I daydream of completely unplugging from it all. So if I ever disappear, that's where I've gone. I've left the digital world totally behind for my beautiful analog life.