How to beat the winter blues

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite things today for beating the winter blues. When I first moved up to Wisconsin from Florida, I struggled horribly to cope with the dry cold air, lack of sunshine, and what dark dreary days will do to your soul. One thing is for certain, no one talks about it enough. It wasn't until I heard something on the local news one day about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that I self-diagnosed myself. There's an actual name for what I feel in the winter- which is crappy as hell. 

SO let me tell you about what's in my winter blues bag!

Dry Skin 
This was one of my biggest pet peeves when I first moved out of my beloved humid florida. Where did all the moisture go?! I did some research and started eating local fish as much as possible. This helped a ton actually. I also stopped taking showers as frequently and started taking hot baths and started washing my hair every 3-4 days. I religiously use a product called Rare Body which is the nicest moisturizing oil ever. I take this moisturizing oil with me everywhere I go and use it on my face, hair, and as a general all over moisturizer. The moisturizing oil does not have a scent or if it does, it's extremely organic and faint. I love using this product to add a few drops of rose oil for face moisturizer in the evening. I combine Rare Body (which is full of luxury oils) with any and all of my essential oils! I also use a few products from Sun Bum including their cool down lotion (which is just the best smell ever!) and their new 3 in 1 leave in conditioner. Lastly, I wear sunscreen every single day. It's a habit I started at a very young age and as I enter my 30's, I can see the results of this good habit starting to pay off. If you aren't using sunscreen every day, I highly recommend you do. 

Naturally Curly Hair
My hair is one of my favorite things about myself. I remember growing up with big huge curly hair, it was something I was so self conscious about in Junior High. As I got older and more free-spirited, I embraced every single thing about myself including this head of hair. Naturally curly hair is tricky. This is the one thing that has taken me quite a while to adjust to up here. I missed the humidity which acted like a free blow-out every day. I literally used to leave my house with wet hair for work. It was awesome. Now if I tried to leave the house with wet hair in the middle of February, the tips of the ends of my hair would freeze. It's crazy how cold Wisconsin can get. So, enter the start of my journey to embrace the cold and still have my big head of hair. I switched away from sulfates immediately and started using an organic shampoo and conditioner from a company out of Hawaii called Ola. I use their Shampoo, Conditioner, and their coconut body spray which I use in my hair and body, on all my winter sweaters, on our pillows, and as a general refreshing house spray. If you have never tried Ola products, I highly recommend them! 

Blue Moods
February is when the winter blues hit me hard. I use essential oils in my every day life a lot to help with my emotions and general well-being. I do not sell them, but I am a big believer in how powerful they are. When I take a morning bath, I will add 6-10 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil which brightens my mood up almost immediately. I also have a small perfume roller whose main ingredient is Grapefruit Essential oil that I take everywhere I go. For my evening baths, I use a homemade recipe I made that uses luxury oils (like Argan Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and Almond Oil- which also happen to be carrier oils) and add them to a mixture of cypress and lavender. I also keep fresh bright flowers and succulents around the house throughout the winter! 

In addition to all these, I take the winter to paint, travel, cook, and pour back into myself. I constantly remind my heart to enjoy the small things in life like freshly ground coffee and long talks with girlfriends. 

I hope some of this may help those of you who may have just moved to a colder part of the world than where you call home. Winter is a tricky beast, but a very beautiful place to be mentally and physically if you can find the beauty in it all. And trust me, it may take a while, but you will. 

**This is not a sponsored Post** All of my words and feedback on these products are my own.