Fun facts and lessons I've learned living "Up North"

Here are some fun facts for your friday. A few things you may not have known about me. or maybe..... you did!

Growing up in Florida, I never saw snow until I met my husband. Circa 2007. Also, never saw a body of water freeze over. The same lake I swam on in the summer, I could now walk on for miles off the shoreline- even drive a car on mid-winter, crazy. 

Living in Door County, if you want to insult someone you say, "you must be from Chicago". Someone shouted this at my husband while he was standing on our dock last summer. I asked him why, he said they did not mean it as a compliment.... I still don't get it. 

Growing up in Wisconsin, my husband had never eaten a mango, sushi, or papaya before he met me- OR PLANTAIN! I literally died each time I found each of these things out. He now loves mango with his whole heart. 

In Florida, Christmas is a holiday. In Wisconsin, Christmas is an entire season. I'm just catching on to these things. In Florida it's taboo to leave your Christmas lights on past January. In Wisconsin, you leave them up until it's warm enough to take them down, that is, if you ever take them down. 

In Wisconsin, there is such a thing as a bikini that is "too skimpy".