If I had one job, for the rest of my living days

If I had one job. for the rest of my living days. it would be this. 
to sleep on the edge of the earth, in my airstream.
to just live. unplugged. taking photos of the shoreline.
And I mean just sitting for hours photographing the waves crash.
Sometimes I would watch. just to study the waves. 
i would be up early to capture the sunrise. late to get the moonshine over the water.
I'd swim, stay barefoot, and just focus on what to set my shutter speed.
I start at the blue and take in all the greens until I had to look away to remember what they looked like.
and I'd never leave. and I'd never worry. and I'd eat ice cream every day. 
I'd eventually have to get a real job to make money to buy my icecream, so I'd offer to photograph people's parties.
Only the really beautiful types of parties though.
Where everyone was so happy it was infectious. 
and there was something really lovely to celebrate, like love. 
which in my opinion is the best thing in the world.

and then, I realize. 

I have this life. I have it all. Except that I worry. And worrying sometimes can ruin everything. 

All the photos here were taken with an analogue (film) camera (that does not require batteries). 35mm | Scans by Film Box Lab