Island Hopping: Washington Island Film Diaries

Pentax | 35mm | Portra 400 | Fuji 400 | Fuji 200
 I never want to forget this trip as long as I live. A few parts I would forget but in my own mind that goes without saying. We embarked on this trip for the weekend with everything we would need in our backpacks. Tent, food, sleeping bag. and bought beer on the way. We boarded the ferry with only our bikes leaving our cars behind. Someone fell over on their bike before we even got on the ferry. I had to write that sentence down so I could always remember. We later figured out that the bike was actually backwards. Don't even ask me how. We biked and biked and biked and biked. It was an absolute blast. It made me want to just leave the whole world behind, unplug, and just be. I shot only film on this trip, no digital camera, no smart phone. No looking at the photo when I took it. Just focusing, snapping, living in the moment. So many things crammed into a mere three days. This trip was epic and intense and beautiful. Excited to share more.