I adore being an artist. I love getting the chance to work with so many mediums- watercolor, ink, film, acrylic to name a few. The icing on the cake for me is getting to do what I love and live in such an incredibly beautiful place! These are three pieces that I now have on display in downtown Sturgeon Bay at Starboard Brewing Company. Each piece was inspired from events in my life this past year. The central piece for my art line "The Blue Green and Salt of My Heart" was painted out of a very painful transition after moving from South Florida to Wisconsin a few years ago. It was winter when I painted that piece and represents all the things I hold dear to my heart no matter where in the world I find myself living. 

The other two pieces were inspired by several political events that took place this past winter regarding a corporate development project on the West Side. I took my inspiration for "Oily Tug" from a comment made implying the tugs on our downtown waterfront here in Sturgeon Bay were ugly. I begged to differ in a strong way as those tugs and the beautiful working waterfront is one of the reasons I moved here. The last piece in this series is entitled, "Bahia" which is Spanish for Bay. I feel this piece is a huge reflection of how intense and beautiful life on the Bay can be. Both pieces are from my summer art series "Bahia" and I'm excited to release the rest of the collection later this summer! 

This collection is dedicated to the love of my life without whom I would not be the person I am today. I love you.

I am so excited to finally release these as they have been a labor of love for me these last few months! If you are local, please stop by Starboard Brewery to check them out and taste some awesome local brew! Prints of these will be available in my shop next week.