Our Tiny Home

I love our new tiny home! There is no dining room, rather the kitchen which is against one wall, is all the same room as our living room and breakfast nook! We have one bathroom with just a shower, no bathtub. To describe the house, one side is the living room and kitchen and the other side is the bathroom and bedrooms. As you can see from the photos- there's room enough for a refrigerator, couch, bed, and lots of room for love. 

One of the obvious pros is that it's easy to clean. We've been forced into a transition (with this new lifestyle choice) where we live with only what we use every day- both in our closets and our kitchen. We don't have the space to afford more than what we actually need. This transition has left us giving car loads of personal possessions we didn't want, and realized that we didn't actually use away! Being forced to purge, although it may sound corny has left me feeling so free. I remember before joining the Peace Corps (almost 10 years ago now) that I gave or got rid of almost all of my personal possessions away before moving abroad to Africa (stereo, car, clothes, etc.). That entire experience changed me and still continues to shape how I live my life. 

Living with only what you need is the most rewarding way to live life. 
 Photos by Carbon Copy Studios