I was a mermaid in another lifetime

Shop my entire look here: Pink Stone and Gold Hoop Earrings: Goldie Lockes, Seashell Neclace: Goldie Lockes, Pale Pink Dress: Charlotte Russe, Ripped Beach Sweater: Rusty (purchased in Australia)

There is absolutely nothing I love more than seashells! 

I mean nothing.  

I am a self-proclaimed seashell addict (I regularly admit in this space).... and I can say quite confidently that there's nothing like feeling a cool seashell in the palm of your hand you've collected while you walk along the ocean. Seashells to me have always held such special memories and remind me of that big beautiful body of water I miss living next to so much. Which is the reason I'm so excited to announce my partnership this month with Goldie Lockes

I am currently completely obsessing over Goldie Lockes Spring Jewelry line! Sarah, owner and designer behind every piece, is a fellow globe trotter like myself! She finds inspiration for her pieces from sunshine, sand, and the ocean. Originally from California, she currently lives and works as an artist in Florida on the East Coast. Sarah's pieces are made from seashells from Spain, Israel, Costa Rica, California, Florida, Mexico and beyond! I'm not even sure how you can put a price on that. She uses a mix of brass, bone, stones, shells, and crystals hand-picked from all over the world to create her pieces. I am currently swooning over her Mermaid hair pieces she just added to her shop...

One of my favorite things about her pieces is that each one is hand-crafted by Sarah herself, unique, and one of a kind. Between her beautiful free spirit and love for traveling, she is truly one of my soul sisters! (Helping me not to feel alone- as I have myself convinced that I must have been a mermaid in another lifetime.)

Her seashell necklaces and bohemian-style accessories found in her shop "Goldie Lockes" are the perfect pieces to pair with a sweater and boots, summer dresses, scrubs at work (wink wink), or your bikini at the beach! You can purchase your own seashell necklace similar to the one  I'm wearing here! And those pale pink stone hoops here! She even has them in emerald! Take a peek at her shop as she has tons of earrings, necklaces, home accessories, rings, and beautiful hand-dyed textiles to die for! 

I am so SO excited that Sarah has offered all my readers 25% off when you enter the code: hippiebythesea at checkout! So get to her shop today before your favorite piece gets scooped up!


You can follow Sarah on instagram @shopgoldielockes, Shop her jewelry here, and check out her website here. She's also on facebook of course!