I live in the forest by the lake.

 It's true. I live in the northwoods, in a beautiful forest, right on the lake, next to a swamp, on a peninsula that juts out onto Lake Michigan. My whole life has revolved around a shoreline (hence the name "Hippie by the Sea") so it just makes sense that our lives still continue to. We live along this shore- in every season. In winter it seems as though our backyard is endless with the lake freezing over you can walk and most of the season drive out for miles. It's awesome. In the summer, which is what we are fast approaching now, we put the dock in as soon as the water thaws. This was the first year we've had our own house, our own land, and lucky for us- this awesome dock came with the house. As soon as we finished putting this baby in we jumped off! I absolutely love our home- here's a glimpse of it on 35mm film. 

Scans by Film Box