what. a. weekend. This past weekend we made our last big push to move everything which entailed a huge moving truck, more tape and boxes than I ever want to see again, and big sighs of relief. We laid down each night completely exhausted, but oh so happy. This past week in general has been a big week for us. Moving into a very old cabin in the north woods with no running water has been quite an experience. I think most people's first reaction would be to tear this "structure" of a home down and start new. For one, it's tiny and it seems everything needs to be replaced. But as we embark on this journey together called life, now with a new home and our own piece of earth, we have our own ideals which we've realized seem very different to a lot of people. and (of course) I'm completely ok with that. 

I'd have to say being able to wake up right on the lake has greatly increased our quality of life. Bonfires by the shore, bike riding around the neighborhood, fishing right off the edge of our backyard, stargazing at night while listening to the chorus of frogs and insects- literally life does not get better than this. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more of our new home here, but for now, feast your eyes on our airstream which is (and may always be?) a work in progress! 

Photos by Carbon Copy Studios