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It's in this moment, a year into in my 30s or is it two now..., that I start to feel comfortable in my own skin. As an adult. As a wife. As exactly 50% of a family unit. A family unit that is made up of two people at the moment. Two very beautiful souls. I never realized how much I found my own identity so deeply entrenched in my individuality, my independence, and the life called my 20s that shaped me into who I am today. A decade that seemed to almost be an entire lifetime in itself. Freedom during that decade for me had such a different definition than it does now. Both definitions of freedom still holding their own for their time.

I find my freedom these days in being loved so deeply by another human that I couldn't even imagine how it used to feel to be any other way. I remember drawing my strength from a different place than I do now. Although I still find inspiration in the same way from the same place- though not literally. Those things that shaped me and that I allowed to affect me between the last decade of my life and now, it seems when compared are like night and day.

I'm not sure what shaped me more in my 20s- maybe all the globetrotting I did? Maybe getting the opportunity to live abroad for several extended periods of time? Maybe falling in love twice. And hard.

I can say for sure spending time as a Peace Corps Volunteer was the single greatest choice I made during that time. Getting the chance to live in a poor rural village on the coast in West Africa definitely played a huge part in shaping who I am today. It also sparked this independent survival type of streak inside of me that if we're being honest, was hard to break and hard to let go.

This spring feels somewhat like a new awakening for me. I'm beyond excited for what this season of my life holds for me. 

And no I'm not pregnant. (: