Thirty-Something Snowbirds

T-minus 4 days until I sink my toes into this sand. Until I see a body of water that is not frozen. Until I wrap my arms around my dear friends and family! This "living life in two different places" thing is tough, but fun. When my husband and I made the decision to move to Door County from Florida, to leave our friends, family, for our (more permanent) move up north, we knew we would be splitting our time between two places forever. Two places where we both grew up and each considered home for multiple reasons.  Two very different places, ways of living, and of course culture. Two places that hold humans that we love and hold very near and dear to our heart. Making an effort to live as nomads between these two beautiful states was something we didn't think twice on. It wasn't even an option to do anything else. 

So as we watched the ice shanty shacks come off Lake Michigan this past weekend, and all the snow start to melt everywhere, we've been throwing some bathing suits in a suitcase to bomb down for one last visit to our tropical second home before we settle in for our northern summer up north. Thirty-something snowbirds? -you betcha! 

Scans by Film Box Lab, Nashville, Tennessee