Smathers Beach, Florida Keys Film Travel Diaries

It's raining a warm rain here in Florida today. Perfect day to share the last day of my Florida Keys road-trip travel diaries from this past American winter. These photos were taken in January- that's right, JANUARY! Smathers Beach, pictured here, is a great spot to just lie around when visiting Key West. The snorkeling right off the beach is pretty good actually. The last time I snorkeled here, there was plenty of baby tropical fish floating through the limestones shelves, lots of black spiny urchins (do not touch these guys), and even a baby nurse shark!

I adore the beautiful colors in image one. Image two, I feel captures the intimacy of the beach- mimicking a postcard from another time period- same with the last image above. In image three, you can see the sparkling water that almost looks like diamonds in the distance, the ship, and the details in the sand. I can't believe the colors in image 4 of the palm! We sat underneath this gorgeous tree- all. day. long. 

I love scrolling through each individual photo and just stopping, lingering on each and every landscape. Soaking in the color, the shadows, and the way the film captures that sunshine so softly. and so perfectly. 

Fuji 400 | Scans by Film Box Lab