Streets of Key West, Florida film travel diaries

I'm back! I'm back! from our whirlwind winter-get-away to seaside California and Breckinridge, Colorado. It was amazing. Holy moly I can't get over how much I love the ocean. The only thing I love more than the ocean is my husband and my mom. ha! 

I put these photos up while I was traveling last week and am just now getting around to putting my thoughts down through my keyboard here. I'm totally still coming down off a high from all the traveling I've done this season. Kindaa crazy. I'm almost burned out. almost being the key word there. 

I woke up promptly this am and put one of our 'new' old records we purchased while tramping around Ocean Beach with our best friends a few weeks ago. You know the kind of tramping where you eat big fat cheeseburgers, drink shitty beer, and go into every vintage record store you see and buy records for one American dollar. That kind. Anyway, the record was a Jimmy Buffet record entitled "Changes in Latitude" and just like that….. those songs took me right back to these streets. 

These beautiful cobblestone streets. I LOVE THEM! There's absolutely nowhere in the world quite like the Florida Keys. It's official, I'm obsessed. Although I've always been obsessed- now I know for certain. It's certifiable- possibly even a disorder, a  true tropical disease. But what's funny is, I'm not even obsessed with Key West in particular. The 200% humidity, guaranteed 80 degree days all year long, warm rain, warm ocean, bright sunshine, those mangroves, big fat beach cruiser bikes everywhere, amazing snorkeling and scuba-ing, and all those salty people. That's what's got my heart going fast. 

This is the place my dreams are made of. Never hurts that these are the exact streets I fell in love with my babe. I'm a believer in the magic of the Keys.