Salty air, warm waves, and sandy sea


I'm right in the middle of my down time as a professional wedding photographer. Summer, known as the season of parties up north, is a time of year I spend winter dreaming of. Celebrating the unity that happens when two people become one, when two families are joined. The fact that this is my job, totally rocks my world. It's humbling and purging and exhausting and exciting and refreshing all at the same time. Mostly because there's an incredible amount of truth in true love.

I took my camera on a road-trip break this winter. Driving from Wisconsin to the East Coast of Florida. Camping, bonfires, swimming, and ice-cream-eating has filled my weekends these days that seemed to slip through my fingers. The days have gone by so fast. I happily spend my winters traveling, painting, and of course stocking my vintage store! You can take a peek of all the vintage treasures I've just re-stocked my shop with from my road-trip down to Key West here

I'm always looking for reasons to travel. Looking for new things to photograph. And most of all, determined to find inspiration in the everyday things I always take for granted. It's always when I slow down and intentionally stop to breath it all in that I find myself the most inspired. Here is one of those days captured in image form. Salty air, waves, sand, seagulls, seashells, sunshine. breath it in. 

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