stinking wonderful

 35mm | Fuji 400 | Scans by Film Box 

These days are fleeting. So much so that fall passed and I didn't send my film in fast enough to blog about it here. So here I am, fresh fall photos. Desperately so in love with these colors. Juuust a little behind here. But LOOK at that blue from the sky reflected in the water on that last photo! Breathtaking. 

I've been solely been shooting film when it comes to my own personal photography. 35mm is my absolute favorite as I've said here before. I find I shoot more photos when I'm around friends and shooting with film. and I find I capture so much more emotion that I do with my iphone. I literally have no idea why but I love the formula I have developed lately with photography.

I also love our new home. I've been super private about it here actually. Funny about having this blog, there are just some things I keep to myself. We live very simple and that makes me extremely happy. 

My favorite thing about my life are my friends (family too of course). But, there is absolutely nothing like having good friends, to celebrate with you, empathize with you, mourn with you, and just to plain sit beside you. I measure my worth here on this planet by my relationships. and I couldn't be more thankful for the beautiful people in these photos and in my life who have made my 2014 so stinking wonderful.