One day in October of my life


35mm | Fuji 400 | Scans by Film Box Lab

These photos are from one beautiful day in my life. in October. with my friends and oh how it was so lovely. Every single moment of it. Every drop of rain, every colored leaf, every step I got to take with these wonderful humans around me. 

I've been contemplating so many things lately. The changing of seasons has been so desperately hard for me to wrap my mind around. I was in Malawi last fall working and missed out on this beautiful season. So, this is my first fall I've ever experienced. ever. Having grown up with sunshine and hot weather every day of the year for the last 30 years, my heart is at times very confused by this weather. This in between summer and winter. It affects me in a way that I have not been able to put into words yet. One thing for sure it has left me feeling very reflective. 

I worked on a few editorial projects that I am extremely proud of this month, on film of course. You can follow me on that journey here.  I am still so happy to have switched over completely to this beautiful medium, and remain thankful for how rewarding it is. the most rewarding part being that I get to capture and preserve forever each of these moments. My lens has begun to feel like my favorite extension of my body. Gosh when I think about it, I adore this life I live so much. After leaving my job in Public Health, I honestly never thought I'd feel that way again about another job. 

but. here I am.