Great Lakes loving

I absolutely love living on the coast. I love it. It's one of my favorite things about living here in the Midwest. Sometimes when I miss Florida, my home, my family, I just find myself naturally wandering to this place. 

These photos are from a beautiful weekend we had our housewarming party this fall and all of our friends came from all over the state (and out of state) to celebrate with us! It rained, and the wind blew, and we sang, and danced, and cried, and told stories of how we each fell in love. We toured the fall colors, drank bloody mary's, visited my favorite coastlines in the area, drank local wine, ate local cheese, and cooked lots of good food! 

If you haven't already guessed, I am friends with a lot of photographers and artists. I like it like that. Whether they work with wood, or paint, or film, music, or fashion- it's like fireworks when we all get together. 

Looking at these photos, the soft colors, one of my favorite things about film is that you can capture the rain. You can actually see the rain atop the moss covered roof, and the soft drops landing on the surface of the water in one of the shots. I love sharing these personal images of my beautiful life.

35mm | Fuji 400 | Scans by Film Box