Fresh Air Exhibition. Greco Gallery, Sturgeon Bay, Door County

Fresh Air  Exhibition
by: Andrea Naylor

Artist bio:
Andrea Naylor is an artist, Epidemiologist, and photographer. When she is not traveling for work in Public Health, she works full time as a Fine Art Wedding and Portrait Photographer here in Door County, Wisconsin.

Andrea spent her childhood on the East Coast of Florida. She later went on to join the U.S. Peace Corps in West Africa, moving to the Florida Keys promptly upon her return. She has traveled to over 22 different countries in the last 10 years- in between earning her Masters degree. As an Epidemiologist, she specializes in infectious diseases, and travels back to Africa every chance she gets.

Andrea returned from living abroad in Australia last summer where she completed here 2013 art line entitled “Fresh Air”. Here most recent travels took her to work in a malnutrition clinic in Malawi late last fall.

Her art is heavily inspired from her time spent living and working abroad. Having spent her entire life in the tropics, this is evident in her use of bright colors to portray the world around her. Andrea uses art and photography as a way to remain inspired and inspire others. You can read more about Andrea, her life, and her world travels on her blog: www.Hippiebythesea.com

Medium(s): Watercolor, Acrylic, Pen
Location: Greco Gallery
Downtown Sturgeon Bay
Door County, Wisconsin