Isle Royale Travel Diaries, Part 3


 Day 3 of our trip and our final day, we squeezed a lot in. I think it was the morning of day 2 that I saw my sweet husband pack his bag heavier while we were getting ready to hike for the day. Making my bag so light. In fact, we had made a few friends that night who we said farewell to on day 2. They were canoeing the island. One of them picked up my bag before he left and said, "wow, this is so light!". I pointed at my love and said, "lift his bag".  

It finally stopped raining at the end of our trip, but there were more storms moving in so we headed in earlier than we planned and had cheeseburgers before we boarded the boat! Really looking forward to our next backpacking trip. 

All photos shot on this trip were 35mm
 Portra 40 | Fuji 400 
Beautiful scans by Film Box Lab