Isle Royale Travel Diaries, Part 2

 We landed on the island from an insanely smooth 4 hour boat ride across Lake Superior. Lake Superior looked and felt more like the ocean that day than a lake. The huge, beautiful, cold monster that it is. We were in a small crowd on the dock getting a lecture from a young park ranger about leaving no trace when is started to rain. "Don't poop in the woods, take your trash with you, tell us about any illegal activity." I thought we were going to have to take a smokey the bear oath. 

We grabbed our backpacks, set off with our backcountry permit, and hopped on- another boat! with our waterproof map, we started hiking. Then stopped, ate lunch, hiked some more. It was raining. a lot. we slipped a lot on the trail. realized how heavy our bags were, stopped and tried to eat some of our weight. We ate tons of wild berries, raspberries, blueberries, thimbleberries. I remember I took a lot of pictures this day. Everything was so saturated from the rain. The greens were breathtaking. Hiking along the coast was the best part of it all. We saw only 3 people pass us going the other way on the trail that day. 

We were finally remote. No cell phone signal. Just ourselves, the shore, and the rain. It was lovely.