best friends and the ocean

Monterey Beach, California
Ocean Beach, California

I must confess, I've been completely slacking on writing and posting in this space for a few weeks. A lot of my creative energy has gone here of course. And things have been booming. In a really great way I'm happy to report. Choosing to shoot more film photography for my business and altogether transitioning my travel photography to 35mm film completely, has meant a big change in my work flow. 

When I get back from a big trip, I put all my exposed film into a ziplock and send it off to a film lab for processing. It usually takes a few weeks to get back. I can't see the images I've taken that weekend. There's no sitting together on Sunday and pouring through the back of my camera with my husband, or downloading them to my computer to post on my blog the next day, just a bag of undeveloped film to be sent off to the lab. Fingers crossed I metered them correctly, focused them perfectly, had a steady hand... And there's no guarantee. And to be completely honest- that is exactly what I love. The imperfections that come with this medium. and the whole process. especially the wait to get the images back! 

With film, I'm not on a hike checking to make sure I got the photo perfect, I just snap a photo and drink in the earth around me with my eyes. soak up the moment, instead of immediately reliving it through the back of my camera. I love taking a portrait of my husband or my best friend and then lowering the camera to just look at them. not the back of my camera to make sure I got the shot. With film, I have to think about each time I press the shutter. With film, I take one photo instead of 5 like I do with digital. And the colors, MY GOD! are colors that you can never capture with a digital camera. you could definitely say I'm in love with film. officially. 

All of the photos above were taken during my spring trip to California where I spent amazing quality time with two amazing women I'm blessed to call my friends. Sea salt spray fogging up my lens at the beach, sunshine pouring onto us, I love looking back on these images and remembering the time I spent with each of them. at our favorite place together. the ocean.