Remote Island Backpacking

Remote. Island. Backpacking. Those three words are like music to my ears. A chance to unplug, unwind, and just drink in the earth around me. We are heading to Isle Royal National Park. The least visited National Park in the USA, but the most returned visitors! We will travel there by boat and get dropped off on the island with only our backpacks, a compass, and a navigating map. We will be carrying a water filter, all the food we will need for three days, a tent, and sleeping bags. Our living room floor looks a hurricane hit as we attempt to take the bare minimum possible in our packs. Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. I literally cannot wait to lace up my hiking boots, and just hike with everything I need on my back. I also can't wait to set my eyes on the untouched coast of Isle Royal for the first time.

I am excited to share the photos with you, but for now, here's some throwback photos (above) from past epic minimalist backpacking trips we've done together in Tasmania, The Grand Canyon (Arizona), mainland Australia, and The Badlands (South Dakota). 

Isle Royal here we come!!!