Key Largo Lifestyle

Another lifestyle shoot from a friend's home. This is my third one of these, and I'm starting to fall deeply in love with shooting people's homes and the things that mean a lot to them. Every home or houseboat I do, I love more than the last. I've slept in a bedroom in California, on a boat in Florida, and now an air mattress on the floor for this one. 

In case you ever wondered, my beautiful friends are the reason I can travel so much. Frankly, they are the reason I travel. I love them. 

Something I noticed when I was putting these images together was all the green in every single photo! I'm not sure if really there was no option the day I was taking these or if my eyes were just drawn to this color. Either way, green is a color that has me feeling really good lately. Growing up in Florida, my mother used to tell me, "God's favorite color is green". Everything was always green, everywhere, all the time in Florida. It is a color that has always been a constant in my life- until this year. this winter. no green anywhere. I missed seeing the color green everywhere, all the time. so so bad. I can say, this color has tons of significance for me now. It's still a constant, but also a color I never knew could represent so much change. It's a color I'll never take for granted again. 

I came home to blankets of green covering the earth, with spring quickly transitioning into summer. The  entire world seems to be in bloom right now. I can't drink in life enough.