The season for sleeping outside

Summer has arrived! My favorite time of year! It's the season for swimming and fishing and sleeping outside here in Wisconsin. Cherries, strawberries, and campfires! The season for hanging your laundry outside to dry and lounging on a floatie toy in the ice cold lake. Not to mention taking road-trips and getting back out on the sailboat! If you ask me, THIS is the best part of the year in the north woods . I knew it was here yesterday when it was almost 70 degrees outside. I saw creatures flying around my car door that I haven't seen around these parts since last fall. 


Things have not quite started blooming yet, but they're about to. I wake up to the sound of seagulls everyday. and I love it. I seem to have fallen so far behind this week. With every intention to still post those Joshua Tree photos today. Alas, I know time has almost run out.  I've been editing and painting and planning it seems around the clock!  No apologies really, I'm beyond excited for what this summer has coming for me. Tons of weddings, engagement shoots, sunsets to watch, and fish boils to be had. I have some big things in the works including planning for a pop-up shop in Sturgeon Bay, Door County this July! I'll be selling a ton of my original artwork and showcasing some of my photography as well. Stop by if you are in the area. Details coming soon...

Anyway, I'm heading down to the Florida Keys in a few weeks for an anniversary of sorts. Memorial Day in the Keys has become somewhat of a tradition for my husband and I. The Florida Keys is where we met and fell in love, and Memorial Day is the anniversary of the weekend he proposed (in the Keys of course!).  Our proposal goes down in the history of beautiful things he's ever done for me as the most romantic thing ever. I can't put it into words. 

I've gained a ton of new readers this week. If you are new, a big WELCOME to you! Very excited to have you reading my ramblings. Big BIG hugs to all my regular readers though. You guys are the best.