Secret Beaches


I am that person who would eat desert first, open a birthday present the moment someone gave it to me, and over-indulge at all moments in time if I could (with entire bags of cool ranch Doritos on the beach being right next to fresh honeycomb, dry chardonnay, and goat cheese). So while I'd love to have a little self-control and post my road-trip down the beautiful West Coast of California in the order that I traveled, I regress. I can't help but post MY FAVORITES right away! I can just get lost in the colors of the Pacific Ocean over and over again. Two of my favorite places were just a 20 minute drive from San Diego shown to me by "new locals". I frequented both of these secret beaches as many times as I could. Both were intense hikes- I actually wore my hiking boots for one of them.

So it's been amazing to be back home, but let me tell you, sharing another human's home with them that I love dearly is something I can't wait to share with you in photo form. Next to the beach, good girlfriends are hands down the best things in life. Getting to have a sleepover in their house for a week? A DREAM!! 

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*Photos of me by S. Castro*