Ocean Beach, California


Happy Friday! I couldn't decide what to post first from my trip to California. San Francisco, San Louis Obispo, Morro Bay, San Diego, or the 10 beaches I visited along the coast on my road trip. So I thought I would start with my favorite beach. Ocean Beach! or OB as they call it there. The OB is about a 20 minute drive from San Diego proper. I happily spent several days with my butt plopped in this warm sand and palm tree lined streets. This trip was the experience of a lifetime for me. Maybe it was because I was in the middle of winter and the break was well needed for this Florida girl. I would have to say it was more than that though. I feel like a different person since the trip. In a way I can't quite put my finger on, and quite honestly, I've just begun to explore it all myself since I got back. I can say I've never appreciated listening to the sound of the ocean more, feeling sweaty, or the way hot sand feels on my toes. I can't count how many times I just sat and rubbed sand on my body looking to absorb as much salt, sand, and sea as I could. There wasn't a night that I didn't go to bed with sandy feet or sand in my hair. I just couldn't soak it in enough. Being placed in quite a different world than where I live now, and what I'm used to, I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot watching other people too. If I could describe this experience in one word it would be- inspired. Inspired to live my life bigger and more beautiful than what I could ever have imagined. Because we only get one chance to live this life.

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